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Rebate of Income Tax in case of Certain Individuals (Section 87A) FOR FY 2018-19 You can claim the rebate if you satisfy both the following conditions: You are a Resident Individual; and Your Total Income Less Deductions (under Section 80) is equal to or less than Rs 3, 50, 000. (Rs. 5, 00, 000 up to AY 2017-18) The rebate is limited to Rs 2, 500. (Rs. 5, 000 till AY 2017-18) Which means if the total tax payable is lower than Rs 2, 500, such lower amount of tax will be the rebate under section 87A. This rebate is applied on total tax before adding Education Cess.
  • 2018-03-24T05:40:04

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